Don’t Get Lost in the Search Engine Sauce

There are many fine job search engines available today. You visit the site, apply to specific jobs listed and/or post your resume. One thing that isn’t apparent to the average job seeker, the vast quantity of applicants. This issue is more acute with the national job search websites. The website company is getting paid by companies that want to post there positions, so the website company provides them with a vast number of applicants to choose from. Think about your resume in a sea of resumes. Even if you would be an excellent candidate, how could they tell from among so many applicants. It’s always good to consider other strategies including face to face meetings, for example meet and greet events sponsored by the chamber of commerce, or SCORE members in your area, or meet-up groups that can be found online for your industry. Look for the human resources websites for the companies you would like to work for, connections with friends and coworkers can also be a great resource. Real life encounters beat online mass media every time.

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    well stated

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