Job Search Perspective

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There’s no question that looking for work is challenging, frustrating and sometimes frightening. The secret is to keep it in perspective and to work as efficiently as you can. To the former point, remember this: your career is not supposed to be one smooth line that has no sharp curves, ups nor downs or surprises. For one thing, what fun would that be? Life is more interesting when there are things to navigate and challenges to overcome; you will likely … Read More

Don’t Get Lost in the Search Engine Sauce

There are many fine job search engines available today. You visit the site, apply to specific jobs listed and/or post your resume. One thing that isn’t apparent to the average job seeker, the vast quantity of applicants. This issue is more acute with the national job search websites. The website company is getting paid by companies that want to post there positions, so the website company provides them with a vast number of applicants to choose from. Think about your … Read More