Snap, Crackle, Pop

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Not too long ago if you wanted to buy some music you wandered into the local record / CD store and flipped through physical media that contained encoded bits of analogue or digital data that were read and reconverted into audio waves for your listening pleasure. While Mom and Pop survive in the current neoclassical age of Vinyl (a not insignificant percentage of current music sales) the transformation to “ether delivered” audio was enabled entirely through technology. The physical medium … Read More

Bit by Bit

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Those of you who have started a business know that it takes patience, persistence and no shortage of hard work to succeed. Here at Job Talk we’re moving steadily ahead with programming, marketing and new ideas to reach as many people as possible with our own unique brand of conversation, counsel and good fun. Any enterprise takes time; big projects are best considered as multiple small projects – bite sized pieces of work that are efficient to tackle and easy … Read More

Good Grief!

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15 years ago today, one of my heroes Charles M. Schulz the creator of “Peanuts”, passed away. I love “Peanuts” because it teaches without preaching, shares wisdom without being too serious and always, always reminds us to celebrate life and each other. On “Job Talk” we try to reach out with empathy and deliver some thoughts on work and relationships with a twinkle in our eye and compassion in our hearts. I like to think I learned some of that from … Read More

Managing “Up”!

It seems as if I am always speaking with someone who is having “trouble” with their boss; most of the time there seems to be a disconnect between leadership and the needs of the team and the manager in the middle has to split the difference. Or does she/he? Fully half of a manager’s job is to “Manage Up” ; most of the time “the boss” is simply focused on work at the leadership level – it’s hard to understand … Read More

Plan for the Long Haul

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It’s easy in the day to day of turmoil, change and challenge to lose site of long term goals. Take the stock market – it’s been a perilous 2016 for investors and yet the last two weeks of shaky performance represent a tiny fraction of an overall strategy. In life, business and investing it makes no sense to react in panic and make sudden adjustments based on transient events. In another month there will be an entirely different set of … Read More

Job Search Perspective

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There’s no question that looking for work is challenging, frustrating and sometimes frightening. The secret is to keep it in perspective and to work as efficiently as you can. To the former point, remember this: your career is not supposed to be one smooth line that has no sharp curves, ups nor downs or surprises. For one thing, what fun would that be? Life is more interesting when there are things to navigate and challenges to overcome; you will likely … Read More

Resolutions That Matter

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There are likely a few things that you and your organization would like to change; it’s ok to make a list and check it twice but it’s better to focus on one simple change that can effect change across a broad range of activities. So for example: you can make list of 20 things you would like to do better – have shorter more effective meetings, meet your clients’ needs more precisely, decide to send fewer and more targeted e-mails … Read More


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In among all the talk about elections, with all of the confusing drama masquerading as information, remember this: in the end what will matter is who can best lead us. Not manage us, boss us or browbeat us. Who can lead us. It’s the same in your own organization; technical skills are great but who has the leadership qualities to help you succeed? Find those people and empower them. Now!