Thank You Very Mulch

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I recently volunteered at my golf course to assist with the distribution of mulch around the clubhouse.  A group of 16 fellow golfers came out on a Monday morning and in a matter of hours had the place looking fresh and revitalized; there were moments of excellence everywhere you looked offering an appealing visual to anyone approaching, whether they were members or merely “passers by”.  It wasn’t about just tossing mulch where it could be seen, but getting deep into … Read More

The Production Of……..

I woke up this morning to the sad news of Sir George Martin’s passing; Martin, the famous music arranger, composer and producer who played a vital role in creating and delivering the Beatles to the world. As a a youngster growing up in Whippany, NJ the “fab four” (along with the Beach Boys) had such an impact on my appreciation of music. Like thousands of other fans I was touched, influenced, impressed and mesmerized by “Beatlemania”, the phenomenon and the … Read More

There is no Dress Code for Music Appreciation

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There’s an old saying:  “clothes make the man”; dated perhaps, (could we maybe include women here in the modern age?) but it’s meant to illustrate how easy it is to draw a conclusion about an individual based on his/her wardrobe and appearance. Here’s what I mean. Someone dressed in a “three-piece” suit, polished shoes, and well groomed traditionally makes us think: “Ah…. He must be successful in business; maybe he’s a doctor, broker or lawyer”. If we see someone in … Read More

That’s Life

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Every person’s goal in life is to succeed. Regardless of our goal, we all want to achieve something. Making a sale, signing a contract, completing an around the house project, winning the game, hitting a golf ball straight (I’m still working on that one), or merely being the best we can be.  In order for someone to win, someone has to lose. Did the winner win more, or did the loser lost?.  Is it better to have made it to the finals … Read More