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Find out what pickle ball,the word interstitial, and Julie from the Love Boat all have in common. Dave and Doug speak with Belynda Tharpe about the lifestyle of a lifestyle director.
Learn how one man, Michael Catcott, turned a humble hardware store in to a retail shopping experience. It's all about customizing products and services to your customers. Find out how he did it.
The good and bad of moving from a analog to a digital workflow as seen through the eyes of a media storyteller: Stace Carter. Plus the difference between stem and steam . . .
Dave and Doug speak with Bob McCullough about public relations as a career. Bob is PR Director at Morgan’s Wonderland, a theme park of inclusion, a special place designed for individuals with special needs in San Antonio Texas.
Doug and Dave talk with Al Kordowski about training service animals, falconry, and just what is a dirt hawker?
NBA scout Matt Doherty talks with Doug and Dave about basketball and gives tips on what to look for when evaluating your employee's ability.
Communicating without words, Rob Wicall former San Antonio Spurs "Coyote" talks about his journey from a world famous mascot to teacher of personal branding.
Getting started in the media industry. Talking with Chris Duel about building a successful career. From comedian to radio to hosting a television show. How to stick with it.
Today we talk with Andi Hearn a court appointed advocate for children. She helps us understand what it's like overseeing children in foster care and the importance of just being there.

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